Bad Behaviour Patterns: Detecting and Natural Remedies

Bad Behaviour Patterns: Detecting and Natural Remedies

Think of a cheerful Golden Retriever who once used to jump around with joy, but recently seems pretty low. As a pet parent, nothing is more concerning than witnessing your dog's unwanted behaviour changes. This emphasizes the importance of monitoring your pet's behaviour closely so that you can spot any anomalies quickly and get them the treatment they need. Natural training aids can complement this process effectively.

  • Monitoring: Keeping a close check on your pet's behavior helps you catch signs of unwanted behaviour early.
  • Early Treatment: With early detection, unwanted behaviours can be corrected before they turn into long-term issues.
  • Natural training aids: These products serve as a tool to help manage and redirect undesirable behaviours in a safe manner.

Understanding Dog Behaviour

Each dog breed has unique behavioural characteristics. By understanding these typical patterns among dogs, owners can identify any abnormal behaviour more accurately. For instance, Border Collies are known for their energy and intelligence while Bulldogs cherish a more laid-back lifestyle.

  • Breed-specific behaviours: Knowing what's normal for your dog's breed helps identify abnormal behaviour.
  • Behavioural changes: Sudden shifts in behaviour, no matter how small, can be significant indicators of potential problems.
  • Patience: Understanding dog behaviour takes time and patience; it's not an overnight process.

Signs of Unwanted Behaviour in Dogs

Some of the most common signs of unwanted behaviour in dogs can be over-aggression, extreme anxiety, or even compulsive actions. For instance, a typically energetic Labrador may suddenly start showing signs of aggression towards other dogs or even towards humans. An instant calming training hiss spray may be beneficial to redirect their focus immediately.

  • Aggression: If your dog is more aggressive towards other pets or people, it might indicate a problem.
  • Anxiety: If your pet seems overly scared or anxious, it might need behavioural intervention.
  • Compulsive actions: Repetitive behaviours, like excessive licking or chewing, could signify a problem.
  • Training Spray: An instant training hiss spray can be a vital tool in interrupting and redirecting these unwanted behaviours.


Monitoring dog behaviour and introducing natural aids when necessary, can aid in managing unwanted dog behaviour. Instilling good behaviour is not instantaneous; it relies on patience, persistence, and consistent correction of undesirable behaviours with instant calming training aids such as our odourless harmless spray that makes a hissing noise to get your dog's attention when needed.

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