Irrational Dog Behaviour: Training tips

Irrational Dog Behaviour: Training tips

Think of a majestic German Shepherd, known for its incredible discipline yet suddenly starts showing peculiar actions like excessive barking or aggressive behavior. This blog aims to equip pet owners with training tips and introduce the idea of herbal remedies, all aimed at managing these sudden and often alarming shifts in behavior.

  • Herbal remedies Natural solutions aim to calm pets and can ideally complement training techniques.
  • Root cause understanding Understanding the reasons behind sudden behavioral changes can help manage them effectively.
  • Training Prompt obedience and behavioural training tactics can work wonders.

Understanding Irrational Behaviour in Dogs

Irrational behavior in dogs can include actions that are seemingly out of character. This is often linked to dog psychology, health concerns, or environmental stressors. Despite the initial shock, understanding the root cause is the most effective way to manage these behaviors.

  • Psychology Your dog's psychology affects its behaviour. Factors include environment, interactions and past experiences.
  • Health Concerns Irrational behaviour can be an SOS signal for underlying health issues.
  • Environmental Stressors Dogs may react to changes in their environment, such as moving homes or arrival of a new family member.

Common Types of Irrational Behaviour

From a sudden surge in aggression in the usually tranquil Labrador to excessive chewing in the disciplined Border Collie. These behaviors can seemingly come from nowhere and can be linked to health, environment or psychological issues.

  • Aggression A usually quiet Labrador starts growling and barking? Your pet might be unwell or stressed.
  • Excessive Chewing The disciplined Border Collie is suddenly chewing up furniture and shoes? This could be a sign of anxiety or boredom.
  • Other unusual behaviours Other sudden behavioural changes like excessive barking or restlessness might point at some psychological or health issues.

Training Techniques for Addressing Irrational Behavior

Whether it is managing the unexpected aggression in your Golden Retriever or handling the increase in barking in your Poodle, training techniques can be an effective way to correct these behaviors. Time-tested obedience training or newer techniques like positive reinforcement can help solve the problem.

  • Obedience Training Traditional obedience training techniques can go a long way in correcting irrational behaviour in dogs.
  • Positive Reinforcement Rewarding good behaviour can help reduce unwanted behaviours over time.
  • Calming Training Spray This can be a beneficial tool to redirect your dog's focus instantly. Our odourless harmless spray that makes a hissing noise to get your dog's attention when needed. This can then be combined with positive reinforcement or obedience training techniques to curb the unwanted behaviour.

The Role of Herbal Supplements in Behaviour Management

Herbal supplements can play a significant role in managing irrational behaviors in dogs. Whether it’s the calming effect of chamomile or valerian for mental stabilization, this route is increasingly gaining acceptance by pet owners for being beneficial and safe.

  • Calming Effect Herbal supplements like chamomile have a soothing effect on dogs, helping them deal with stressful situations better.
  • Stabilization Supplements like valerian stabilize your dog's mood and can reduce symptoms of anxiety.
  • Overall wellness Herbal remedies not only reduce irrational behaviour but also promote overall wellness of your pet.

Natural solutions

How and when to administer these herbal supplements is key for efficacy. This section touches upon dosage, combination with other techniques, and observation to ensure the changes are positive.

  • Dosage Follow the recommended dosage for maximum benefit. Overuse might have side effects.
  • Combination Herbal supplements are more effective when combined with adequate training and stress-free environment.
  • Observation Observing changes over a period can help ascertain the effectiveness of the course being followed.


As unexpected as irrational behavior in our furry friends can be, it doesn't have to be a stressful experience with these valuable tips. Take the time to understand why your dog may be expressing these behaviors and consider the use of training techniques coupled with herbal supplements for a comprehensive solution.

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