Lead Pulling: Training Tips and Natural Remedies

Lead Pulling: Training Tips and Natural Remedies

Think of an energetic Beagle or an enthusiastic Spaniel. Their boundless energy and curiosity are truly charming, but they tend to pull on the lead during walks. This common phenomenon among dog owners - a dog pulling on the lead - may seem harmless on the surface, but letting this go unchecked can potentially escalate to uncontrollable and even aggressive behaviour. This blog post introduces and elaborates on effective solutions to manage this problem, giving you a happier and more obedient furry friend!

  • Understanding the Issue: Acknowledging that a dog pulling on the lead can be a problematic behaviour is the first crucial step.
  • Energetic Breeds: Spaniels and Beagles are known for their boundless energy, making them more prone to lead pulling.
  • Importance of Training: Proper training can curb this issue and prevent escalation into unchecked or aggressive behaviour.

Understanding Why Dogs Pull on the Lead

Does your dog's persistent lead pulling make you feel like they are disobeying you? It's a common misconception – dogs pulling on their leads is not necessarily a sign of disobedience. It can often be due to their excitement, lack of proper training, or their instinctive drive to explore. Dog training is integral to managing this issue, creating a balanced, disciplined, and harmonious relationship.

  • Misconception of Disobedience: Dogs pulling on the lead is often misinterpreted as the dog disobeying you, which is not always the case.
  • Root Causes: The actual reasons can vary - from excitement and lack of proper training, to pure instinct.
  • Importance of Training: Proper training can effectively manage this issue by creating a balanced and disciplined relationship with your dog.

Effective Training Techniques for Unwanted Lead Pulling

Going for walks should be enjoyable for both you and your dog. Training methods such as the "Red Light, Green Light" and the "Lure and Reward" techniques may prove fruitful in managing your dog that pulls. Consistency, reward-based training, and patience are crucial elements needed for a successful training program.

  • Red Light, Green Light: This technique is a fun training game that can help manage pull of the lead by your dog.
  • Lure and Reward: The "Lure and Reward" technique can be another effective method to curb pull on the lead.
  • Consistency and Patience: Key elements for a successful training program are consistency, reward-based training, and patience.

How to Make Your Dog 'Heel' for Unwanted Pulling on Lead

Another effective way to combat unwanted pulling is teaching your dog to 'heel'. Regular and short sessions of 'heel' command training can yield impressive results. This method is particularly effective with breeds that are known for their obedience, such as Labrador Retrievers.

Addressing Over-Excitement and Anxiety in Dogs

Chronic lead pulling might be an indicator of deeper issues such as anxiety or over-excitement, especially in high-energy breeds like the Border Collie. Behavioural training is useful in managing these problems, but herbal supplements can also play a remarkable role in this regard.

An Introduction to Herbal Supplements for Dogs

Herbal supplements such as chamomile and valerian root can alleviate anxiety and hyperactivity in dogs. Available for purchase, these supplements come with different dosages, potential side effects, and benefits. Choosing a natural treatment over traditional drugs can be a game-changer in managing your dog's behaviour.

How Herbal Supplements Aid in Training Efforts

When incorporated into your dog’s diet effectively, these herbal supplements can enhance the training process for dogs who pull on the lead. For instance, a calm and focused dog is not only a pleasure to train but is also easier to manage.

Enhancing Training with Instant Calming Training Spray

Apart from dog training tips and herbal supplements, there's another efficient and fast-acting solution to manage unwanted pulling on lead - the instant calming training spray. It's an odourless harmless spray that makes a hissing noise to grab your dog's attention quickly and redirects their focus. It can be a useful tool to augment your training efforts.


Training, particularly for breeds like the Beagle or Spaniel, and supplemental support in the form of herbal remedies and the natural training hissing spray makes walks a delightful experience for both the dog and their owner. They create harmony between you and your furry friend, making walks a delightful experience for both.

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