Rescue Dogs: Curb Bad Behaviour with Natural Remedies

Rescue Dogs: Curb Bad Behaviour with Natural Remedies

Think of a Labrador Retriever, rescued from a circumstance that no pet should live through, exhibiting unwarranted aggression due to past traumas. Unwanted behaviours such as this can be a challenge for new dog owners. It is essential to train rescue dogs effectively to address these behaviours and provide them with a loving and caring environment. This blog post will cover valuable training tips for rescue dogs and explain how herbal supplements can complement your training efforts.

  • Understanding the past trauma: Knowledge and understanding of past traumas can enable a more empathetic approach to training.
  • Addressing unwanted behaviours: Strategic training can successfully remediate unwanted behaviours exhibited by rescue dogs.
  • Herbal supplements: Natural alleviators like herbal supplements can greatly support training endeavors.

Life of Rescue Dogs

Dogs from rescue facilities often have unique challenges due to their history of neglect, abuse, or inadequate socialization. Breeds like German Shepherds or Pitbulls, often misunderstood, may exhibit nervousness or defensive behaviours. These behaviours are primarily their means of communication and survival, conditioned by their past experiences.

  • Unique Challenges: Unlike other dogs, rescue dogs often carry emotional and psychological scars that need a judicious and compassionate approach.
  • Nervousness or Defensive behaviours: Unusual behaviour in rescue dogs is a survival mechanism, which can be set right with appropriate training.

Recognizing Unwanted Behaviour

Understanding the signs of unwanted behaviour is crucial in managing them. Common unwanted behaviors include excessive barking, aggression, destructive behaviour, and other disruptive actions. Recognizing these behaviours and their triggers can assist in effectively training them out of their routine.

  • Excessive Barking: Managing the triggers of excessive barking can significantly reduce this behaviour in rescue dogs.
  • Destructive behaviour: Physical activities and behavioural training can help channelize the energy positively, reducing destructive behaviour.

Importance of Training

Training is significant for every dog, especially for rescue dogs. It encourages positive behaviour, improves their overall health, and can significantly reduce instances of unwanted actions. Herbal supplements used in conjunction with training can further support these efforts by helping to control anxiety and improve concentration.

Essential Training Tips to Manage Unwanted Behaviour

Effective training of rescue dogs to curb unwanted behaviours include employing strategies such as maintaining consistency in commands and actions, using rewards as positive reinforcement and creating a stress-free conducive environment for training. Training must always start gradually, giving your dog sufficient time to adjust to the new commands and practices.

  • Maintaining Consistency: Consistent instruction can help reduce confusion and hasten learning in dogs.
  • Use of Rewards: Rewards can encourage your dog to respond positively to the training.
  • Stress-free Training Environment: A calm and relaxed training environment can significantly boost the training results.

Role of Herbal Supplements in Behaviour Modification

Herbal supplements can be an excellent addition to training programs. They can boost a dog's overall mood, reduce anxiety, and assist in behaviour modification efforts. Do remember that herbal supplements should never replace traditional training but can support them. Also, consider augmenting your training regimen with instant calming training sprays that are odorless, harmless, and such as our natural training hissing spray for a smooth and comfortable training session.

Top Herbal Supplements for Rescue Dogs

Herbal supplements such as Passionflower, Valerian, and Chamomile are known to have calming effects. They could help reduce anxiety and hyperactivity in dogs, making them more receptive to training efforts. Always consult with your vet before introducing a new supplement to your pet's routine.

Introduce herbal supplements to your dog's diet gradually and monitor their reaction. The supplements can be administered just before training sessions to help them relax and be more receptive to new commands.


Embark on the journey of transforming your rescue dog's life. Consider our range of herbal supplements that complements your tagteaming efforts and brings out the best in your canine friend. You can also try out our natural training hissing spray, which is available for just £9.99 with free delivery. We offer a money back guarantee and have a dedicated UK based customer care team, making it a perfectly safe and trustworthy choice.

Every rescue dog deserves a loving home and an opportunity to lead a happy, healthy life. Training combined with herbal supplements and tools like the instant calming training spray can assist in managing unwanted behaviours, resulting in a positive environment for both the dog and its human family. So here's to a happier, healthier role for our furry companions in our lives.

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