Separation Anxiety: overcoming with herbal supplements

Separation Anxiety: overcoming with herbal supplements

Think of a Labrador Retriever or an Australian Shepherd, often plagued by a sudden, uncontrollable distress the moment they realize they are alone. This is a common yet heart-wrenching scenario for many dog parents. Yes, we are talking about Separation Anxiety among dogs. It's essential to understand that if your faithful companion suffers from such anxiety, it's not borne from anything you did wrong. This blog aims to help you in further understanding the signs of separation anxiety in dogs, along with tips to manage it and a notable role of clicker training.

  • Understanding the issue: Identifying signs of separation anxiety in dogs is the first step to managing the issue.
  • You are not to blame: Remember, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it is not due to your parenting or training.
  • Help is at hand: This blog post entails all you need to help manage your dog's separation anxiety effectively.

Understanding Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs can manifest in various forms, such as incessant barking, digging, destructive behavior, and even dog panic attacks. Often, the symptoms are mistaken for lack of discipline. It's pivotal to differentiate between them and address canine distress appropriately, understanding that it's not a reflection of your parenting but a condition seen in numerous breeds.

  • Identification: Recognize the signs of separation anxiety, including incessant barking, digging, and destructive behaviors.
  • Differentiation: Understand the difference between separation anxiety and lack of discipline. The former requires empathy and understanding, not punishment.
  • Action: Address these symptoms appropriately by first accepting that it's a condition and not a direct consequence of your parenting.

Tips for Managing Separation Anxiety

  • Maintaining a consistent routine can help reduce your dog's stress levels
  • Positive reinforcement encourages good behavior
  • Provision of regular exercise and mental stimulation can help to manage dog separation anxiety
  • Routine: Implementing a structured schedule can help provide a sense of security, reducing overall anxiety.
  • Reinforcement: Rewarding good behavior motivates your canine friend to repeat these behaviors, hence managing anxiety.
  • Exercise and Stimulation: Regular physical activity and mental exercises can significantly contribute to keeping anxiety at bay.

Clicker Training as a Method to Alleviate Anxiety

How about turning anxiety-triggering situations into opportunities for reward? Introducing clicker training for dogs, a positive reinforcement training tool that can significantly aid in managing anxiety. A clicker acts as a signal of a job well done, followed by a reward. When used correctly, it can create an environment of trust and contentment that helps alleviate anxieties.

  • Opportunity from challenge: Clicker training turns anxiety-triggering situations into opportunities for positive reinforcement.
  • Working mechanics: The clicker serves as a trigger for reward, fostering a sense of accomplishment in your dog.
  • Ultimate goal: When used right, they can help create a more trusting and secure environment, significantly reducing anxieties.


The journey to a relaxed and anxiety-free dog demands both understanding and action. Observing and identifying the signs of separation anxiety, implementing effective management techniques such as maintaining a consistent routine, positive reinforcement, regular exercise, and mental stimulation, offering anxiety relief via clicker training and natural remedies, all play a significant role. Every dog is unique, and hence, patience during this journey is crucial for success.

Take your first step to manage your canine’s separation anxiety. Consider implementing the simple strategies discussed, and don't forget the herbal supplements that offer anxiety relief. Every action you take brings your dog one step closer to a more comfortable, anxiety-free life. Also, consider augmenting the training with our natural training hissing spray, an odourless, harmless spray that makes a hissing noise to get your dog's attention when needed. Available at just £9.99 with free delivery and backed by a money back guarantee and a responsive UK based customer care team, it serves as an effective aid to redirect your dog's attention. So, take action now, because they're worth it!

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