Why Conventional Tips May Not Work

Why Conventional Tips May Not Work

Think of a Golden Retriever that continually exhibits unwanted behaviour despite your best efforts to understand and correct it using popular dog behaviour tips found on the internet. Navigating through the web often leads to conflicting information, with each page assuring you their tips are the sure-fire remedy for your dog's behavioural problems. But needless to say, general rules don't always apply in the world of canine behaviour!

  • Overwhelming Information: Too much data can be daunting and may result in information overload. It's important to critically assess and filter what's necessary and applicable to your pet.
  • Discrepancies: Conflicting advice can often confuse dog owners. Confusion can lead to inconsistency which may result in making the behavioural problem worse.

About Canine Individuality

Before sinking into despair, let's remember that dogs, like humans, have their own personalities, traits, and predispositions. Certain traits could be commonly found among certain breeds - German Shepherds may have a different predisposition compared to Siberian Huskies. Moreover, your dog's character and life experiences play a significant role in their behaviour. Hence, why it's impractical to expect one-size-fits-all internet tips to fix all dogs.

  • Breed-Specific Traits: Breeds hold certain predispositions. These need to be considered when searching for solutions to behavioural issues.
  • Individual Experiences: Dogs are guided by their life experiences, just like humans. Their behaviour is a result of these past experiences and not every internet tip may be relevant to their condition.

Common Misconceptions about Dog Behaviour and Training

A commonly held belief is that dominance theories work universally for all dogs. In reality, such techniques can even worsen the problem by inducing fear and anxiety. Another fallacy is that dogs understand human emotions. Actually, dogs respond to the actions and energy of a human rather than the emotion. It's pivotal to distinguish such misconceptions to navigate the journey of improved behaviour effectively.

  • Dominance Theory: Dominance training methods can result in increased fear and anxiety in dogs. It's essential to adopt training techniques that encourage positive reinforcement instead.
  • Emotional Misunderstanding: Dogs aren't capable of comprehending human emotion. Their response is based on human actions and energy levels, rather than the emotional state.

Augment Training with Instant Calming Training Spray

While we value traditional training methods, it may be beneficial to consider using our natural training hissing spray. It's an odourless, harmless spray that makes a hissing sound to get your dog's attention when required, as a redirection of their focus. It's available for £9.99 with free delivery, and we offer a money back guarantee. Plus, our UK-based customer care team is always ready to assist you.


The road to resolving behaviour problems in dogs requires patience, understanding of your individual pet, time-proven effective training methods, and in some cases, little help from our natural training hissing spray. Instead of relying on internet tips that might not suit your pet's requirements, a tailored approach can do wonders in enhancing your pet's behaviour healthily.

If you are intrigued by the potential benefits of our natural training hissing spray for your pet, why not give it a shot! Start your journey today towards a happier, more harmonious relationship with your dog.

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