Itchiness : The effect of Nutrition

Itchiness : The effect of Nutrition

One of the common issues that dogs face is itchiness, often resulting in excessive scratching which could lead to various health complications if left unattended. As a dog owner, you might have noticed your furry friend often engaged in prolonged periods of scratching, biting or even licking their skin. While there could be several causes behind this issue, one area that cannot be overlooked is the value of good nutrition in managing such problems. This blog post is aimed at guiding pet owners on how good nutrition can play a vital role in minimizing or even eliminating canine itchiness.

  • Value of good nutrition: Good nutrition aids in countering various health issues in dogs, including skin irritations and excessive itchiness.
  • Monitoring dog behaviour: Regular observations will help you understand your dog's discomfort and behaviour better, leading to quicker identification and response to their health issues.
  • Understanding the cause: Identifying the causes behind excessive scratching and other similar issues is crucial in providing proper care and addressing these issues effectively.

Understanding Canine Itchiness

Imagine a Golden Retriever, known for its lustrous coat and energy suddenly becoming listless due to constant scratching and discomfort. Canine itchiness or Pruritus, as its medically referred to, may manifest as scratching, licking, biting, or rubbing of the skin, and could be caused by various factors like allergies, insect bites, infections, or underlying medical conditions. Such symptoms may not only affect the dog's health but also impact its overall quality of life. And it is here that good nutrition comes into the picture as a crucial element in the management of this canine condition.

  • Impact of Pruritus: Beyond the physical discomfort, canine itchiness can significantly impact your dog's energy levels and overall quality of life.
  • Variety of causes: There can be several contributing factors to canine itchiness, ranging from simple insect bites to more complex underlying health conditions.
  • Nutrition as a solution: Proper nutrition can play a massive role in managing canine itchiness and improving the overall health and happiness of your pet.

The Role of Nutrition in Canine Health

Proper nutrition forms the bedrock of your dog's overall health. Not only does it help in maintaining their energy levels, but it also contributes significantly to their skin and coat health. Foods rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals can help promote a healthy skin barrier and reduce inflammation- a common cause of itchiness. Further, a nutritionally balanced diet can boost your dog's immune system and safeguard against certain skin irritations.

  • Importance of Omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals: These essential nutrients can promote a healthy skin barrier, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system, thereby preventing and managing canine itchiness.
  • Benefits of a balanced diet: A nutritionally balanced diet ensures that your dog receives all the essential nutrients it needs to combat skin irritations and overall health problems.
  • Protection against skin irritations: Proper nutrition can help safeguard your dog against certain skin irritations, playing a crucial preventive role in their health management.

Stopping Dog Scratching and Itch with Verbal Command and Training

One effective method to prevent your dog from scratching their itchiness is through verbal commands and traditional behavior modification training. This approach emphasizes the use of positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors.

  • Consistent Training: Regular training sessions are crucial. Use a firm, yet calm voice to command your dog to stop scratching.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Reward your dog with treats or affection when they obey your command to not scratch.
  • Diversion Techniques: Distract your dog with toys or activities to shift their focus away from the itch.

Remember, patience and consistency are key. Training your dog to respond to verbal commands takes time but is highly effective in the long run.

Stopping Scratching of Itches and Wounds with Hissing Spray

Another innovative solution to stop your dog from scratching their itches and wounds is the use of a hissing spray. This spray mimics the sound of a goose, which naturally grabs your dog's attention due to their instincts.

  • Immediate Attention: The hissing sound diverts your dog's focus away from the itch or wound instantly.
  • Instinctual Response: Dogs naturally respond to the hissing sound, making this an effective method for immediate intervention.
  • Safe and Harmless: The spray is odorless and harmless, ensuring it’s safe for your pet.

This method is especially useful for immediate and temporary prevention, giving you time to employ other long-term solutions or allow medication or natural remedies to help the underlying cause.


While nutrition plays a pivotal role in managing canine itchiness, the process can be further augmented with the aid of a training spray. Our natural training hissing spray is an odourless, harmless spray that makes a hissing noise to get your dog's attention when necessary. It effectively redirects their focus and complements the anti-itch feeding regime, creating a holistic approach towards eliminating your furry friend's discomfort. Whether it's scratching, rubbing, licking, biting, or chewing, this spray can be a helpful tool in moderating these stress behaviours. With a price tag of just £9.99, free delivery, a money-back guarantee, and a wonderful UK-based customer care team backing it up, it's a no-brainer! Learn more about our product at our natural training hissing spray.

In conclusion, the role of nutrition in managing canine itchiness cannot be overstated. While it firmly anchors your pet's overall health, it also serves as a preventive and management tool against itchy skin and its related complications. Remember, investing in your pet's nutrition today will go a long way in keeping them happy and healthy. So, why wait? Delve into the world of natural solutions and experience the joy of seeing your furry friend free from discomfort and full of life!

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