Itchy Ears Natural Solutions

Itchy Ears Natural Solutions

Think of an endearing English bulldog whose playful times have turned into an irksome exercise. Each time it tries to run around, it stops to scratch its ears. The pure joy of play is tainted with the discomfort of itchy ears. Dogs, much like humans, can experience these discomforting conditions due to reasons such as allergies, ear infections, or the presence of parasites. Persistent scratching not only interferes with their routine but can also cause severe problems like ruptured blood vessels in the ear. This article aims to explore ways in handling dogs' itchy ears, the underlying causes, signs, and solutions to manage it effectively. Let's delve in.

Understanding Why Dogs Scratch Their Ears

Dogs scratch their ears due to several reasons. One of the most common causes is tiny parasites such as mites or fleas that hitch a ride on your dog. Bacterial or yeast infections due to trapped moisture or allergies can also cause frequent itching. At times, foreign bodies lodged in the ear canal trigger the ear scratching response. It's worth noting that certain breeds, particularly those with floppy ears like Basset Hounds, Cocker Spaniels, or breeds with narrow ear canals like Shar-Peis, are often more susceptible to ear infections due to their ear structure and genetics.

  • Parasites: Mites or fleas existing on the dog can cause intense itching. Regular check-ups can help find these parasites and eradicate them.
  • Bacterial or Yeast Infections: These occur due to trapped moisture or allergies. Regular cleaning and drying of a dog's ears can help prevent these events.
  • Foreign Bodies: Grass seeds or other tiny objects can get lodged in the ear, causing a dog to scratch. Be vigilant about your dog's environment to prevent these instances.

Identifying Signs and Symptoms

When your dog is persistently scratching its ears, it's crucial to identify other signs that might accompany this behavior. In addition to scratching, your dog may also shake its head excessively, or you might notice redness or swelling around the ear area. An unusual odor or discharge from the ear is often a clear sign of an ongoing ear problem. Recognizing these symptoms early can guarantee speedy treatment and relieve your furry friend of its discomfort.

  • Excessive Head Shaking: Dogs often shake their heads when they feel discomfort in their ears. If this behavior is observed along with scratching, it's time to take prompt action.
  • Redness or Swelling: These are visual signs of discomfort or an ongoing condition. Consult a vet if these signs persist.
  • Unusual Odor or Discharge: This is often conclusive of an ear problem. Timely identification of these symptoms can prevent further complications.

DIY Checks and Preventive Measures at Home

You, as a dog parent, can perform some quick checks and preventive measures yourself. Establish a routine for weekly ear checks, peering into your dog's ear with a flashlight to check for any abnormalities. Maintaining ear cleanliness is essential to prevent a buildup of wax or debris, which can cause infections. Do this safely using specialized dog ear cleaning solutions or wipes. Regular grooming, along with flea and tick control, are other preventive measures that can prove to be beneficial.

Natural Remedies for Soothing Itchy Ears

Many natural remedies can help soothe itchy ears in dogs. Safe and gentle ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, or apple cider vinegar can provide relief. Keep in mind to follow the correct application process, ensuring safety and effectiveness. However, always remember that not all natural remedies are suitable for all dogs, and hence it is crucial to consult your vet before trying out a new remedy at home.

When to Seek Professional Help

It's important to know when home remedies are not sufficient, and it's time to seek professional help. If the symptoms persist or worsen despite the initial home remedies, please do not hesitate to reach out to a vet. Untreated ear issues can lead to severe complications, including deafness.

Training Your Dog to Avoid Scratching Its Ears

Dogs can be trained to avoid scratching their ears through verbal commands and traditional behavior modification techniques. While it may take some patience and consistency, this approach can be effective in preventing further damage to the ears and allowing them to heal.

  • Verbal Commands: Teaching your dog commands like "leave it" or "no scratch" can help you communicate when they should refrain from scratching their ears.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Reward your dog with treats and praise when they follow the verbal commands and refrain from scratching. Positive reinforcement encourages good behavior.
  • Consistency: Consistently apply these commands whenever your dog attempts to scratch its ears, reinforcing the training over time.

Stopping Scratching of Itchy Ears with Hissing Spray

Consider using our natural training hissing spray to aid in preventing your dog from scratching its itchy ears. This spray emits an odourless harmless hissing noise that captures your dog's attention and redirects their focus away from scratching. It can be an effective tool in preventing further damage and allowing the ears to heal.

With a price of just £9.99, free delivery, a money-back guarantee, and a dedicated UK-based customer care team, it's a convenient and reliable solution to help your dog overcome the urge to scratch.


Witnessing your dog continually scratch its ears can be heart-wrenching. Yet, by recognizing the symptoms, employing preventive measures, and using natural remedies, the situation can be managed and improved. Remember, our instant calming training spray can augment this approach effectively. It's crucial to remember that while these efforts are beneficial, persistent symptoms should not be ignored and professional help should be sought to avert the risk of severe complications. Hopefully, this article has been valuable and leads you towards making informed decisions regarding your pet's ear health.

There are various products available that can support a dog's overall ear health. Canine probiotics for maintaining gut health can possibly help with food allergies that cause ear problems. A natural dog ear cleaning solution can maintain cleanliness and combat potential infections before they take root. You may also consider our natural training hissing spray priced at £9.99 with free delivery. It's an instant calming training spray, odourless and harmless, that makes a hissing noise to get your dog's attention when needed. This harmless spray helps redirect your dog's focus away from undesirable behaviours. In addition to all this, we also extend a money back guarantee with a UK based customer care team there to assist you.

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