Arthritis: Signs and herbal Remedies

Arthritis: Signs and herbal Remedies

Think of a lively Labrador Retriever, who has always been full of energy and happiness. You've played countless rounds of fetch together and she's always ready for a walk. However, you've started to notice some changes lately - she's a little slower and seems to be struggling with movement. This could be a sign of dog arthritis, a condition that affects many of our four-legged friends.

Understanding Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is a degenerative condition of the joints commonly seen in older dogs. It can also affect younger dogs, and some breeds like German Shepherds and Cocker Spaniels are more prone to it because of their genetic predispositions. Arthritis can significantly affect a dog's quality of life but early detection, proper understanding of the condition, and supportive measures can help maintain their mobility health.

Top Common Signs of Arthritis in Dogs

Common signs of arthritis in Dogs range from decreased activity levels to difficulty in standing up after lying down. Increased awareness of these signs will enable you to detect issues in your dog early, resulting in more effective management of the condition with herbal supplements.

  • Limping or Lameness: Favoring one limb over others or difficulty in getting up after resting.
  • Difficulty Moving: Reluctance to walk, climb stairs, jump, or play; overall reduced mobility.
  • Pain Reaction to Touch: Showing discomfort or yelping when a particular joint is touched.
  • Stiffness: Especially noted after resting or in colder weather.
  • Swollen Joints: Joints may appear larger or more swollen than usual.
  • Visible Joint Deformities: Noticeable changes in the appearance of the joints.
  • Lethargy: Decreased interest in activity, appearing tired more often.
  • Behavioral Changes: Increased irritability or changes in personality due to pain.
  • Muscle Atrophy: Reduced muscle mass, particularly around the limbs, due to inactivity.
  • Changes in Gait or Posture: An altered way of walking, such as a hunched back or reluctance to put weight on a leg.

The Power of Herbal Ingredients in Addressing Canine Arthritis

Herbal supplements offer a natural pathway to support your dog's mobility health. They are widely used to ease discomfort associated with arthritis, supporting joint health, and even boosting overall immunity. Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin, cod liver oil, vitamin C, hemp seed oil, and powder, turmeric, green-lipped mussels, egg shell meal, yucca schidigera, and vitamin C are some key ingredients that have shown promising results.

Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin: The Power Trio

Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin are well-known for their joint-supportive capabilities. They help in promoting joint flexibility and reducing pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

Nourishing Ingredients: Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin C

Cod liver oil offers anti-inflammatory benefits and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids while Vitamin C helps in collagen formation, a protein vital for joint health.

The Hemp Family: Seed Oil and Seed Powder

Hemp seed oil and hemp seed powder are rich in fatty acids and offer powerful anti-inflammatory and joint support benefits.

Turmeric, Green Lipped Mussels, and Egg Shell Meal

Turmeric possesses strong anti-inflammatory compounds while Green Lipped Mussels and Egg Shell Meal offer nutrients important for maintaining joint health and mobility.

The Miracle of Yucca Schidigera and Vitamin C

Yucca Schidigera is known for its powerful anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C, as mentioned earlier, also plays a crucial role in collagen formation and joint health.

Choosing the Right Supplements for Your Dog

The right supplement for your dog depends on several factors like age, breed, severity of arthritis, and overall health condition. Herbal supplements containing a blend of potent ingredients, like the ones mentioned above, can help provide a well-rounded approach to managing arthritis.


Arthritis in dogs is a significant concern, but the early detection, understanding, and use of herbal supplements can help support your dog's mobility health. Consider using our natural herbal treats for just £19.99 with free delivery. They contain a mix of active herbal ingredients and come with a money-back guarantee. Our UK-based customer care team will be there to help if you have any questions.

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