Anxiety: Spot the Signs and Soothe with Herbal Remedies

Anxiety: Spot the Signs and Soothe with Herbal Remedies

Anxiety in dogs is a common but often misunderstood condition. Similar to humans, dogs can experience anxiety from a variety of factors - environmental changes, separation, past traumas - resulting in behavioural disturbances and a reduced quality of life. The aim of this blog is to help you identify the signs of anxiety in your dog and highlight the beneficial role of herbal supplements for easing symptoms.

What is Dog Anxiety?

Dog anxiety is a type of emotional distress that can manifest in various levels of intensity, such as mild unease, severe panic, and everything in between. Just as with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cornered in a strange environment, or a Labrador Retriever left alone during a thunderstorm, anxiety triggers could range from changes in environment to separation from beloved owners.

Top 5 Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

Identifying anxiety in dogs can be challenging, especially because dogs cannot express their feelings like humans. Here are the top five signs your dog might be grappling with anxiety: excessive barking or whining, restless pacing or shaking, destructive behaviour, changes in appetite, and sudden aggression. For instance, you may notice your usually calm and social Cockapoo becoming unnervingly aggressive during a house move.

  • Pacing or Restlessness: Inability to settle, constant movement, or pacing back and forth.
  • Excessive Barking or Howling: Uncharacteristic or excessive vocalization when left alone or under stress.
  • Panting and Shaking: Heavy panting and trembling without physical exertion, especially in a non-stressful environment.
  • Destructive Behavior: Chewing, digging, or destroying furniture, often occurring when they are left alone.
  • Avoidance or Hiding: Seeking isolation, hiding in corners or under furniture, and avoiding interaction with humans and other pets.

The Role of Herbal Supplements in Calming Dogs

Natural remedies like herbal supplements can provide a safe and effective way to ease your dog's anxiety. Herbal supplements interact with certain receptor channels in a dog's brain, creating a calming effect. These, however, may not be sufficient in more severe cases, and consulting with a vet or behaviourist to include behavioural therapy may be crucial.

Top Herbal Supplements For Dog Anxiety

Herbs like chamomile and valerian root have proven their worth in combating anxiety in dogs. While Chamomile induces a calming effect, Valerian Root aids relaxation. Always start with a small dose, and note your dog's reactions before gradually increasing the dosage.

  • Chamomile: Chamomile is renowned for its calming properties. It can help reduce anxiety in dogs by inducing a soothing effect and promoting relaxation.
  • Valerian Root: Valerian Root is known for its natural sedative qualities, aiding in relaxation and reducing anxiety, especially in high-stress situations for dogs.
  • Hemp Seed Oil: Hemp seed oil can have a calming effect on the nervous system, helping to reduce anxiety and stress-related behaviors in dogs.
  • Colostrum: Colostrum contains compounds that can improve mood and reduce anxiety, offering a natural way to help dogs cope with stress.
  • Passion Flower: Passion Flower is used for its calming effects on the nervous system, making it effective in treating anxiety in dogs.
  • Ginger Root: Ginger Root can help in managing anxiety, particularly if it's related to digestive discomfort, as it aids in soothing the stomach.
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine): Vitamin B1 is important for maintaining a healthy nervous system and can help regulate mood and reduce anxiety in dogs.
  • L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine: These amino acids are known for their calming effects and can contribute to reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation in dogs.
  • Magnesium Citrate: Magnesium plays a role in nerve function and can help in managing stress responses, thereby reducing anxiety in dogs.


Recognising signs of anxiety in your dog and acting promptly is critical in improving their quality of life. Herbal supplements can play a significant role in calming anxious dogs. Think of a once skittish Border Collie, now content and calm, thanks to the herbal supplements in its routine. A supplement that combines multiple active ingredients is often more effective. Check out our natural herbal treats at only £19.99 with free delivery, a money back guarantee, and a reliable UK based customer service.

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