Bad Breath: Help the Herbal Way

Bad Breath: Help the Herbal Way

Imagine your dog coming to snuggle next to you after a long day outside, only for you to be hit by an unpleasant fishy smell wafting from its mouth. Dealing with bad breath can be a common but distressing issue for many dog owners. However, understanding that the dental health of your dog is as important as their physical health is the first key to overcoming this hurdle. Did you ever think that fishy breath could be indicative of specific health issues that your dog might be going through? This comprehensive guide proposes to delve deep into the challenges and remedies of your dog’s bad breath with an added focus on the promising effects of herbal supplements.

Understanding Canine’s Bad Breath

Bad breath in dogs could be a symptom of many underlying causes such as poor dental health, specific diet regimens, and, in some instances, certain insidious diseases. Neglected dental care can lead to tartar build-up and plaque, eventually resulting in periodontal disease causing bad breath. The type of diet your pooch consumes could also be contributory towards bad breath, especially if it contains high fish content or extremely processed foods. Moreover, an underlying disease, specifically a gastrointestinal disease, can cause your dog to have a foul breath too. A thorough vet examination can identify the exact cause, allowing you to take proper measures to improve your pet's dental health.

Reasons for Your Dog's Fishy Breath

  1. Oral Disease: Poor dental hygiene can often lead to oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal disease, resulting in a strong fishy smell.
  2. Kidney Disease: If your dog’s breath smells like urine or ammonia, it might be suffering from kidney disease.
  3. Liver Disease: Dogs suffering from liver disease often have extremely bad breath.
  4. Diabetes: If your pup's breath smells fruity or sweet, it could indicate diabetes.
  5. Omega-rich diet: Fish are high in Omega-3s, and an all-fish diet can result in fishy breath.

The Role of Digestion in Your Dog's Breath

Just like in humans, a dog’s digestive health plays a vital role. An unhealthy digestion can exacerbate your Labrador Retriever's bad breath. Improving your dog’s digestion is vital and can significantly diminish the foul odor. Several factors such as diet type, quality of food intake, and frequency of meals play an important part in the digestive health of your dog.

Herbal Supplements for Dog Digestive Health

Herbal supplements play a profound role in enhancing your dog’s digestive health, therefore, aiding in the reduction of the foul smell from their breath. Fennel, Dandelion root, and Marshmallow are some commonly recommended herbal supplements that aid digestion by effectively reducing gas and bloating, regulating bowel movements, soothing the stomach lining, and improving digestion. Herbal supplements not only improve digestion but also help detoxify the liver and improve nutrient absorption, leading to a healthier pup and fresher breath.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Help

The first and foremost step in tackling your dog's bad breath is scheduling a thorough veterinary examination. Once all apparent medical conditions are ruled out, diet modification becomes the next vital step. Shifting your Greyhound’s diet to healthier, fresh, and less processed food can notably improve its breath. Incorporating the aforementioned herbal supplements into your Shih Tzu’s routine diet can deliver a significant improvement in their digestive health, and therefore their breath.


This comprehensive guide elucidates the myriad concerns and causes related to your dog's bad breath and presents the promising approach of herbal supplements to deal with these issues. Maintaining oral hygiene is of paramount importance and introduction of herbal supplements, particularly those that contain other active ingredients, offering a holistic approach towards better health and fresher breath in dogs. Schedule regular veterinary exams and adapted diet routines can go a long way in ensuring your dog stays healthy, happy, and most importantly, close cuddle-worthy! Here are our natural herbal treats for your pooch priced at £19.99 with free delivery, backed by a money-back guarantee, and tend to by our UK based customer care team.

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