Grass Eating: Reasons Why and Herbal Remedies

Grass Eating: Reasons Why and Herbal Remedies

Imagine a playful Labrador Retriever, bounding towards a field of fresh green grass. While most of us enjoy the sight of these furry friends getting their daily bouts of exercise, seeing them suddenly drop to eat the grass could make any dog owner worried. Grass-eating is a common behavior among dogs that has often left pet owners scratching their heads. The sight of a dog devouring grass can sometimes be amusing, sometimes alarming. Why do our beloved pets do so? And more importantly, is this behavior harmful? The answers to these questions may lie in the budding science of canine nutrition and behaviour. If you've been seeking a way to curb this habit, herbal supplements have been found beneficial. This guide will take you through everything you need to know.

Understanding Dog Grass Eating Behavior

A majority of dogs are seen munching on grass at some point. While veterinarians and animal behaviorists still can't pin down one definite reason, they agree that grass eating is a standard canine behavior. Some specialists propose they eat grass to induce vomiting, others say it could be due to a lack of certain nutrients.

Top Reasons Dogs Eat Grass

Based on various studies and expert opinions, the top five reasons dogs eat grass are:

  1. To induce vomiting and improve digestion
  2. To fulfill dietary deficiencies
  3. As a coping mechanism for anxiety
  4. They like the taste
  5. Simply, for boredom or seeking attention.

Dog's Digestive Health & The Role of Grass

One popular theory for grass eating in dogs such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is that it helps with digestion. Grass is high in fiber and can aid in relieving constipation. However, excessive grass eating can lead to complications such as gastric dilatation or gastric torsion, signifying an underlying digestive problem that needs to be addressed.

The Importance of Herbal Supplements for Dogs

Herbal supplements have been used throughout history for a variety of health concerns. As it turns out, our dogs can benefit from herbal supplements too! They can play a critical role in maintaining the digestive health of breeds like Greyhound and Shih Tzu. Not only do these natural products help curb grass eating, but they also have the added advantages of not containing harsh chemicals present in common pet feeds.

Top Herbal Supplements for Curbing The Grass Eating Problem

Various herbal supplements in the market have demonstrated a positive impact on the health of dogs. Some of the top options include Papaya, Digestive Enzymes, and Prebiotic Inuline. Individual outcomes of these supplements could vary depending on the dog's diet, the amount of exercise they get, and their overall health condition.

  • Papaya: Papaya is rich in digestive enzymes, particularly papain, which aids in the digestion of proteins. It can help alleviate grass eating tendencies by improving your dog's digestive process.
  • Digestive Enzymes: Supplements containing digestive enzymes can help break down food more efficiently, reducing the need for dogs to eat grass to aid their digestion.
  • Prebiotic Inulin: This prebiotic fosters a healthy gut environment by feeding beneficial bacteria, which can help curb grass eating by promoting better digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Fiber Supplements: Adding fiber supplements can also help regulate your dog’s digestive system and reduce the urge to eat grass as a source of fiber.
  • Probiotics: Probiotic supplements can balance the gut flora, potentially reducing the need for dogs to eat grass to settle their stomach.

How to Transition your Dog onto Herbal Supplements

Transitioning your dog onto herbal supplements can be a delicate and intricate process. It often starts with administering small doses mixed into their food, which requires accurate measurement and careful monitoring to ensure you're not exceeding the recommended amount. As you observe your dog's health changes and tolerance to the supplement, you might find the need to gradually increase the dose or switch to a different herbal supplement. This requires constant attention and adjustment, making the process quite laborious. Keeping a careful eye on any changes in your dog's behavior or wellness adds another layer of responsibility and vigilance. This careful and ongoing observation is essential to avoid any adverse reactions and to ensure the supplements are beneficial. In contrast, using pre-made supplement treats that already contain the correct amounts can significantly simplify this process. These treats eliminate the challenges of dosing, measuring, and potential mess. Giving your dog a supplement treat in the morning is a hassle-free and straightforward way to incorporate herbal supplements into their diet, without the complexities of traditional methods.


In conclusion, understanding the reason behind our dog's grass eating habit can provide us the solution needed for their digestive health. A herbal supplement with various active ingredients addresses not just the eating habit but also promotes overall health improvement.

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