Hair Loss: Signs and Herbal Remedies

Hair Loss: Signs and Herbal Remedies

Think of a Shih Tzu you know that's started losing more fur than it's supposed to. As a dog owner, such a sight can be alarming and distressing. If this is a concern for you, fret not. This comprehensive guide is here to provide you with insights about dog hair loss, tell-tale signs, and natural treatments such as herbal supplements.

Understanding Dog Hair Loss

Dog hair loss, scientifically known as canine alopecia, can stem from various conditions - disease, environmental factors, allergies, or even natural shedding. Some breeds like Staffordshire Bull Terriers are more prone to this condition. Understanding that hair loss isn't only about aesthetics, it's also about your pet's comfort and health, is crucial.

Top Signs of Hair Loss in Dogs

The signs may vary, but typically, patches of hair loss, complete hair loss, red or inflamed skin, non-stop scratching and biting of skin are tell-tale signs. Your dog might start to develop bald spots, or you may notice more fur on your carpet from your Shih Tzu.

  • Bald Patches:Clear areas where fur is completely missing or significantly thinning.
  • Excessive Scratching:Persistent scratching that leads to hair breaking or being pulled out.
  • Redness and Skin Irritation:Inflammation or bumps on the skin that may accompany hair loss.
  • Dandruff or Scaly Skin:Flaky skin and scaling under the fur, which can lead to hair falling out.
  • Uneven Hair Loss:Hair loss that is asymmetrical or patchy rather than uniform across the coat.

Importance of Early Detection

Like most conditions, early detection is key. It's important to spot these signs soon to prevent further hair loss and discomfort for your pet. The faster you get on top of the issue, the higher the chances of preventing irreversible damage.

Herbal Supplements: Natural Solutions for Dog Itching and Scratching

Herbal supplements are a non-toxic, natural solution to manage and treat hair loss in dogs. Not only do they help alleviate itching and scratching, but they also serve to bolster your dog's overall health.

Top Herbal Supplements for Dog Itching and Scratching

Incorporate herbs like calendula, chamomile, aloe vera into your pet's regimen. These not only soothe their itching but also replenish their skin with necessary nutrients. We have found that our natural herbal treats, priced at £19.99, have seen considerable success with many breeds, including the French Bulldog.

How to Use Herbal Supplements for Your Dog

Adding herbal supplements to your dog's diet can be as easy as mixing it in their food or applying it topically on their skin. However, the correct methods and dosages vary depending on your pet's size, age, and breed, hence always follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Safety Measures and Vet Consultation

It's essential to consult your vet before introducing any new supplement into your pet's routine. While herbal supplements are natural, they may not be suitable for all dogs, especially those with certain health conditions. Hence, a vet's approval is necessary to ensure your pet's wellbeing.


In concluding, treating dog hair loss with herbal supplements can be a natural, safe, and effective option. The supplements infused with other active ingredients make a profound difference in curtailing hair loss. Visit us for our natural herbal treats, complete with free delivery, a money back guarantee, and a friendly UK based customer care team that's ever ready to help. Together, let's help our furry friends lead a comfortable and healthy life.

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