Ear Infections: Combatting Dog with Herbal Supplements

Ear Infections: Combatting Dog with Herbal Supplements

Think of your playful Labrador Retriever, with his friendly and affectionate demeanor, suddenly appearing distressed and frustrated, scratching his ear endlessly. Unpleasant, isn't it? As per the research, ear infections are one of the common reasons dogs visit the vet. Like humans, dogs too can suffer significantly from these uncomfortable infections. Conventional treatments solely based on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, while effective, may sometimes lead to side effects or may not be well-tolerated by some dogs. Keeping this in mind, this blog aims to assist dog owners in exploring alternative solutions to this prevalent problem, mainly focusing on the role of herbal supplements.

Understanding Dog Ear Infections

Dog ear infections are highly uncomfortable conditions caused by the inflammation or contamination of the outer, middle or inner ear parts. Various factors can contribute to the onset of ear infections in dogs, which includes presence of mites, allergies, moisture or wax buildup, and certain lifestyle habits. It's crucial to tackle this condition promptly as unaddressed ear infections can lead to serious complications such as hearing loss. Recognizing the symptoms promptly is vital for early intervention and prevention of further discomfort. Consequently, in the following section, we discuss the top signs to watch out for.

Top Signs Your Dog Has an Ear Infection

Detecting an ear infection early can mitigate your mate's distress and speed up the recovery process. Here are the top seven signs that your faithful Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or any other breed for that matter, may be grappling with an ear infection.

  • Excessive scratching or rubbing of the ear: Dogs may try to alleviate the discomfort by scratching their ears or rubbing them against furniture.
  • Head shaking: This may indicate something is bothering them inside their ear.
  • Redness inside the ear: Any inflammation or infection can cause the inner part of the ears to appear red or swollen.
  • Unusual smell: A strong, offensive odor can often accompany an ear infection.
  • Abnormal discharge: This can be disconcerting, as it shows visible signs of infection.
  • Behavioural changes: Watch for an unusual drop in energy levels, loss of appetite or anxious behaviour, signaling discomfort or pain.

Herbal Remedies to Relieve Itching and Scratching

Herbal supplements offer a natural alternative for managing dog ear infections. They can potentially alleviate discomfort through their anti-inflammatory properties and provide comfort to your distressed Shih Tzu or French Bulldog. Natural ingredients such as calendula and yellow dock are famous for their soothing effects. To administer, dilute a few drops of these herbal oils in a carrier oil and gently use a dropper to dispense a limited quantity in your dog's ear. However, consult your veterinarian before starting any herbal regimen.

Using Herbal Supplements for Prevention and Treatment

Herbal supplements can serve both as a mitigation strategy and a preventive measure against ear infections. Regular use as per guidelines can contribute significantly to maintaining your dog's ear health. Several studies affirm their efficacy, thereby authenticating the potential benefits of herbal supplements for dogs.

How to Choose the Right Herbal Supplements

There are a plethora of options available in the market, and choosing the right one can get overwhelming. Look for a credible product that contains the key natural ingredients discussed earlier. Always consider your vet's advice and read through product reviews before making your purchase.


Ear infections in dogs are no more the dread they used to be. Herbal supplements, especially those combining other active ingredients, offer an effective solution. We encourage our readers to explore this natural pathway for managing their furry friend's ear health. Be sure to check out our natural herbal treats priced at £19.99. With free delivery and a money-back guarantee, your satisfaction is ensured by our UK-based customer care team.

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