Paw Licking: Causes, and Herbal Remedies

Paw Licking: Causes, and Herbal Remedies

Imagine this; you're enjoying a quiet evening with your faithful Labrador Retriever at your feet. Suddenly, you hear a familiar sound. It's your dog, once again obsessively licking his paws! The incessant sound has you worried and asking, "Why does my dog keep licking his paws?" If you've ever found yourself in such a situation, you're not alone. Many dog owners grapple with this concern, often left bewildered by what triggers such obsessive behaviour and how to address it effectively.

Top Reasons Why Dogs Lick Their Paws


Just like humans, dogs can suffer from environmental or food allergies, often manifesting as skin irritations leading to excessive paw licking. Common allergens could include certain proteins in their food, pollen, mites, or even mould. Persistent paw licking could be your canine's way of soothing the discomfort caused by allergies.

Anxiety and Stress

Imagine your caring Staffordshire Bull Terrier, faced with an unsettling situation like thunderstorms, fireworks, or even separation anxiety. Dogs often lick their paws as a self-soothing behavioural response to such stressful situations. Obsessive paw licking can indicate psychological discomfort and may warrant measures to ease their anxiety.

Gut Health

Believe it or not, your dog's gut health can directly impact their skin. An unhealthy gut can cause systemic inflammation and itching, causing your dog to obsess over licking their paws. The gut-skin connection is significant, and hence maintaining gut health can alleviate excessive paw licking.

Dry or Cracked Skin

Think of a French Bulldog with dry or cracked paws. The discomfort would naturally prompt your dog to lick their paws for relief. Factors like harsh winters, lack of hydration, and absence of proper paw care can greatly contribute to skin dryness and subsequent paw licking.

Injuries and Infections

Physical anomalies like injuries or infections could also lead to paw licking in dogs. If your dog has an injury or an infection, they may lick their paws obsessively to soothe the pain or discomfort. Observe for signs like swollen paws and limping to identify such issues.

Natural Strategies to Prevent Paw Licking

Identifying and Avoiding Allergens

Identifying common allergens in your dog's environment or their food can mitigate allergic reactions leading to paw licking. Once identified, taking proactive steps to avoid these allergens can bring much-needed relief to your canine companion.

De-stress Strategies

Engaging your Shih Tzu in regular exercise or mental stimulation activities can help mitigate stress and potentially reduce obsessive paw licking. Techniques like reward-based training can also promote positive behaviour and reduce anxiety-induced paw licking.

Improving Gut Health

Maintaining a balanced diet rich in fibre and promoting gut health can alleviate systemic issues leading to paw licking. Supplementing their diet with probiotics can also aid in maintaining gut health.

Taking Care of Paws

Regular paw cleaning, moisturizing, and protection from harsh weather and debris are quintessential to prevent dry or cracked skin leading to paw licking. Learn more about basic paw care regimen can save your dog from incessant paw licking.

The Herbal Edge: Supplements to Alleviate Paw Licking

Addressing your dog's paw licking problem requires a holistic approach! Herbal supplements can soothe common triggers like allergies, dry skin, and inflammation and deter obsessive paw licking. The natural ingredients in herbal supplements are safe for regular use and can greatly improve your dog's overall wellness.


While paw licking is normal to some extent, obsessive paw licking could be indicative of underlying issues. Hence, adopting holistic measures to ensure a healthy and happy life for your dog is key!

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It's crucial to remember that, while we can help manage the symptoms and causes, we should avoid making false medical claims or promising miracles. Our ultimate objective should be to enhance our dog's wellbeing and make them feel loved!

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